Fantasy and dark paranormal novels with heroic characters, strong heroines, gods and tricksters, dangerous magic and lots of action.

Terra Magica Book 4 of 5

Coming January 2024!

About Renata

Renata Riva invests a large part of her time reading anything available in fantasy and science fiction. She writes books about mages, witches and everything else in between.

When not reading or writing, Renata loves supporting environmental causes, watching movies and playing RPG video games.

She lives in Scotland with two rescue cats.

A big thank you to all the wonderful readers, especially to the ones who have left ratings and reviews—they’re a huge help!

Tale of the White Queen series

Three princes fighting for a crown. Three princesses fighting for their lives. 

Spooky and suspenseful, the tales of a young witch growing up, learning magic and fighting evil.

The tales of a young girl with unusual powers, a soldier mage, an assassin and a woman warrior.