Terra Magica

Teens and YA Coming of Age Fantasy

The tales of a young girl with unusual powers, a soldier mage, an assassin and a woman warrior.

If you love YA fantasy don't miss this series full of magic, suspense, conflicts, magical beings... 

...and dragons!

At thirteen, Ari knows that life is difficult.  find her only relative still alive, Ari must leave her little  and travel to  of the king facing a long and dangerous .

Wes is a young soldier, but also a mage who understands very little of . He only knows that he better keep his  power secret. But, one , he draws upon himself the unwanted  of the king.

In a world plagued by , dragons and magical creatures from a different era, Ari and Wes must complete a difficult .  survive,  will need all  talents, even the ones they don’t know they have.

Do you have what it takes to be a king?

King Wes and the woman he loves—the most beautiful woman of the world—will marry soon. But the king’s life is far from perfect. Many don’t want him as king and the neighbouring kingdom of Ehlebas threatens to take advantage of the turmoil.

Ari finds an old dragon egg, an object coveted by many because it carries strong magic. When Ari has strange dreams, she suspects that the egg may not be just an object after all.

Henbane must face shadows from the past, and Tyss’s loyalty to Wes will be tested.

The fight for power has begun. Magic is rare, but those who possess it can win any war.

Do you have what it takes to be the king's spy?

King Wes travels to the most secretive city of his kingdom—the city of Stones. Cradled amongst stony mountains, the city has still strong magic. The king chooses Ari to investigate this anomaly because of her ability to see and change spells—but will this mission be to risky for her?


Ari wants to do her best to uncover the secrets of the city of Stones. The city is very different from any other she knows—and what is underneath it it’s even stranger and more dangerous that what it’s on the surface.


Tyss is going to help Ari, but he will have to deal with more ghosts from his past, while Henbane is on a quest of her own, but she might have to choose between her quest and helping her friends.