Vianne Sands

Teens and YA dark paranormal fantasy

Spooky and suspenseful, the tales of a young witch growing up, learning magic and fighting evil.

Nights can be full of danger for a young witch. Luckily, Vianne has always her familiar cat at her side.

Find out what happens to her next!

Ai-narrated audiobooks of this series are available on GOOGLE PLAY and KOBO!

A dark tale of magic, ghosts and family secrets.

Vianne can see ghosts and other things that nobody else can see. Sometimes, she can even see the future in her dreams.

Her mother, Andrea, never says much about her family. The only two things Vianne knows are: her father is dead, and her mother’s twin sister, Suzanne, is not nice.

Now that Vianne is 12, her life is about to get even stranger. A peculiar cat suddenly shows up, and Aunt Suzanne is back in Andrea’s life. And she’s even more dangerous than Vianne has ever thought.

Vianne has found new relatives who welcome her in their family and help her improve her magic abilities. But not everything is fine. Aunt Suzanne had friends, and they are no less dangerous than she was.

Vianne has found new allies, but also new enemies. Evil forces will soon be unleashed, and Vianne needs all the help she can get if she wants to defeat them.

Vianne receives a mysterious parcel containing a book. Not just any book: it’s the grimoire that her aunt, Suzanne, used for her spells. It contains many enchantments that are priceless to a witch. But is this book an ally or a foe?

Vianne will soon find out that the grimoire is not just an object, and that another witch is looking for it, a dangerous one who is willing to do anything to get it.